Sunday 13 November 2011

Lift Off


The sun is shining at long last and I'm hoping to take lots of product photos for my shop today.
I'm off to a children's brocante / vide grenier first, and I'm on a mission to find some vintage pieces for boys. Not sure that I'll find anything quite as cool as these space toys from Alphaville (will you look at the graphics in that bottom set!), but you never know....

Happy Sunday!


  1. Have fun! Look forward to seeing your treasures. :)

  2. My husband would love that rocket theme. Enjoy the vide-grenier Deborah. I miss them a lot here in London!

  3. Good luck! Space target looks cool! My son will love it! Thanks.Agata

  4. j'adore j'adore j'adore ! (tu te doutes bien !) La chasse aux trésors fut bonne ?

  5. wow! wow! wow! our son love space toys. can't wait to see what you find x


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