Monday 28 November 2011

Fun With Fables #12

I came across these beautiful textile sculptures by Bryony Jennings from Pretty Scruffy a while ago and I've been dying to share them on K&C.
If you look at Pretty Scruffy's gallery and shop, I'm sure you'll agree that Bryony's work really is different. I think the donkey and the doe are two of the nicest handmade soft sculptures I have ever seen.


  1. Hello Deborah!
    Je viens de réaliser que je ne suivais pas ton blog. Voilà la chose réparée!

  2. You've done it again!! I stumbled on pictures of Bryony's work about a year ago and up until today and regardless of my hard web search I wasn't able to find the artist name... thank you so very much, Deborah :)


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