Sunday 6 November 2011

Little Petal

A slow, soft start to Sunday
Take your time
Some beautiful links to explore

1) Rag doll - Lelelerele 2) White balancing blocks - Fort Standard 3) 1960's pale pink & white children's basket chair - Molly-Meg 4) Nocture book - Czarodziejska Projekt
5) Tic Tac Toe - Pi'lo 6) Ooak art doll - The Voyagers shop 7) Hand embroidered brooches - Edward & Lilly 8) Children's animal scarves - Psarokokalo 9) Rose and chamomile facial scrub - Marble and Milkweed



  1. In english this time :)
    One can get real greedy seeing all these beutiful things, but that actually fits the season.
    Thanks for these beautiful links!

  2. Thank you so much for the link! Such a rosy and beautiful collection...

  3. I love those scarf... I'm going to take a closer look! Thank you :)

  4. Thank you so much for including my brooches, I love your blog so am very flattered, just catching up on your recent posts :)


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