Wednesday 2 November 2011

Une Sieste Pour Deux

Softly, softly,
Hush! You'll wake the baby...

You'll wake them all

What could be sweeter than a rosy-cheeked, long-nosed creature and bird friend resting upon a beautiful wire bed? The stuff that little girls' (and mums') dreams are made of, 'tis true...

Laurence Bonnet (Rose Miniscule) and Claire Rougerie (De Beaux Souvenirs) love fairytales, they're poets, magicians, dreamers. Both have mastered their craft, stitch by stitch, wire by wire, and both pride themselves in creating unique handmade products  and in paying attention to every detail.

I have written about Laurence and Claire's work on several occasions, and I'm a big fan of both their creative worlds. How wonderful then to see them working together on a new project- 'une sieste pour deux". As from November 4th, Laurence and Claire will be selling the first six of their unique, limited-edition (numbered) joint creations, comprising a handmade soft sculpture, small bird companion,  pillow, mattress and wire bed, and costing 68 EUR (10.5 cm wide/ 20.5 cm long).

One of the nicest things I've come across this year, perfect for a nursery, christening present and those who like to keep their head in the clouds, comme moi !


  1. Wouaa quel bel article! merci beaucoup Deborah!

  2. c'est trop beau, je suis fan !!!!!!

  3. I like both their works and this really goes so well it!!

  4. What a great collaboration, I absolutely love those dreamers :)

  5. Very sweet! What beautiful imaginations and talents they have.

  6. Yup! I'm in love. These are truly beautiful :) I love an arial display too!

  7. Belle association de talents !

  8. De jolis mots pour de si jolies créations !


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