Friday 17 July 2009

Back home

One more day left of our holiday in Yorkshire. I have to say that it's been wonderful to be "home" in Ilkley. Although I've lived in France for longer than England, I grew up in this beautiful town and consider myself lucky to be "born and bred" here. Besides spending two fantastic weeks with my sister and her family I have managed to meet a few of my long-lost, globe-trotting school friends (gosh, 23 years, that's a long time...) and other special people from my theatrical childhood.

I haven't been to Ilkley for over five years so this was the first time for Miles. He seems to love the moors as much as I do. I've never seen him so happy, bobbing up and down in the bracken, climbing rocks or chasing sheep. I have to admit that I find this moorland immensely liberating.

So, back "home" to France on Sunday. I'm sure I'm going to miss all this fern and heather!

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  1. I don't blame you - it's so beautiful! That's what I miss about the UK, that particular shade of green... nothing like it. :) K


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