Monday, 20 July 2009

Evening eye candy

We're back in France, tired and slightly overwhelmed by the heat but I couldn't resist one more quick post about callmejasper's beautiful wares. Vintage tablecloths this time - j'aime - Enjoy and bonne nuit!


  1. They are just divine! Thanks so much for posting about these, Deb. It really is the most fabulous find :) K

  2. Guinee Fowl and Fish what could be better.

  3. Hi Deb! Sorry for commenting again - you don't have an email address on your profile page. Re the Guardian article on Wee Birdy: I've just tried to find it with no success. Do you have a link for that by any chance? No rush, but that'd be great if you do have a link :) Btw, don't think I could go a week without a Simon Hoggart article - he is hilarious! Also, LOVED the article on Gormley's "fourth plinth" in Trafalgar Square!! Take care. K x


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