Friday, 24 July 2009

Take your pick!

I love paper goods. I like to buy original notesets, notebooks, cards, travel journals, calendars and exercise books. I also have boxes and boxes of vintage bits and pieces that I save for the right occasion, the right present, the right school project... I always find a use for torn wrapping paper, old postcards, gift bags and envelopes, it's the compulsive 'reuse, recycle, recreate' streak in me you see.
However, I now know that I am not alone. There are some very clever people out there making my paper hunting task easier. The only problem I have now is deciding which one to choose!

Paper pail - Present and Correct
Paper pack 1 - Three Potato Four
Paper pack 2 - Found Paper Co.


  1. Love all of these! You're a hunter and gatherer Deb! (I have that affliction myself - isn't it fun!?) Great post. K

  2. wow!!!! beutiful! ciao ceci


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