Friday, 24 July 2009


Come back from your holidays and feeling low? Haven't been away yet and are counting the days until you do? I've just the tonic you need: Mariedelîle -100% zest, sunshine and joy.

Marie Veyron Bathellier lives with her family on the Atlantic island of Yeu. She moved there in 2003 after studying art in Poland and spending much of her childhood sailing with her parents.
I love Marie's huge canvases, they're so bright, free and uplifting. I could stare at those daubs, dots and swirls all day.

Marie also designs gorgeous, fun fabrics and cushions and has worked on children's ranges with the likes of Agnès B enfant and Petit Bateau.

Wish I could see some of these paintings for real or take my kids to one of her painting courses. Le bonheur tout simplement, guaranteed to keep you cheerful all year long!


  1. What amazing art. I particularly love the top one - my all time fave colour combos

  2. Yum! The top one is rather spec! K


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