Monday 20 July 2009

Postal joy

I came across a new artist yesterday via one of my favourite daily reads, scissors + paper rock. British artist Emily Morris graduated in 2007 with a degree in printed textile and surface design. There's no doubt about it, the intricate lace-like papercuts designed for her Mister Charlesworth exhibition are amazing. Curious to find out more, I visited Emily's blog. I think my favourite pieces have to be these brooch prototypes.

I love stationery and anything remotely to do with letter writing. French flea markets are great for finding old stamp collections and handwritten documents for collages, garlands and other art projects. Etsy is another great source of vintage supplies such as these gorgeous gift tags by thriftypyg.

In keeping with this postal theme, Flax and Spindle make some beautiful French stamp and postcard cushions,

as do Kind van Holland, one of my special Dutch finds (I'll be sharing a lot of great addresses in the Netherlands over the coming weeks...)

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  1. Oh wow! I think I'm hyperventilating! So. many. amazing. things!!!
    You are a treasure trove of great finds, Deb! Thanks for the plug :) K


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