Thursday, 30 July 2009

Roddy & Ginger

Here's some more of that Mediterranean sunshine I promised you, something evocative of holidays in Cadaques, Figueras or Girona, of intense heat, colourful markets, olive trees, long naps in the hamac and fiestas. Can you hear the cicadas?
Roddy & Ginger's new Sardana and Siesta designs are beautiful, once again. Inspired by a family home in Catalonia, these Spanish village screenprints are bright, cheerful and fun. They come in two colourways (orange/tan or dark teal/olive) and are available to frame or as cushion covers in natural linen or canvas.
Now, where did I put my espadrilles?


  1. These are just fantastic! Am off to have a look at their shop now- thanks!


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