Wednesday 8 July 2009

The Princess and the Pea

Okay, I know I'm giving away my age, but like most young children in the 60s and 70s in England, I learnt to read with Ladybird books. I love them and have built up quite a collection for my family and for my shop. My favourite fairytale was the Princess and the Pea from the 606D series, written by Vera Southgate and illustrated by Eric Winter (the Elves and the Shoemaker and Chicken, Licken came a close joint second). I've had a thing about Andersen's tale ever since so, years ago, when I was wandering around Montpellier, I was delighted to find this gorgeous boutique selling original handmade clothes and accessories for children (Alexandra's hats are really unique, as are her coats, dresses, christening outfits...).
I've known about Maileg's beautiful Princess and the Pea/storybook set, available from Tree House Blue , for a while. I would have loved one as a child. My latest find comes from TreeFall Design, a talented textile designer based in Leeds, found via Blueberry Park ( really worth a visit if you're looking for an unusual gift). Manda's princess comes tucked in a beautiful linen-lined tote complete with 10 handmade quilts and a tiny hand-felted pea. Definitely a treasure to cherish.


  1. Oh, how very lovely! Gorgeous post - thanks for this. :) K

  2. I have a confession, I made my own and it was a real pleasure making all the tiny quilts (out of tea towels with buttons) and sheets ect I do love the princess and the pea my daughter does not like the pea, I think she thinks its mean.

  3. Ah! enfin je viens mettre un commentaire sur ton blog, et te remercier de parler de ma collection! J'ai un peu visité ton blog mais je reviendrai parce que tout ce que je vois me plaît beaucoup!A bientôt!

  4. I had this book, brings up wonderful child hood memories. Lovely, thanks.

  5. I have, well, MY DAUGHTERS have, the set from treefall design and it truly is lovely. It has it's own little bag and tiny bag for the pea. We love it.

    I don't remember Ladybird books--are they specifically British? 'Cause I sure learned to read in the 70s!

    Lovely as always, Deb...xox.


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