Monday, 13 July 2009

A few special things

I love mobiles, garlands, bunting, paper chains and other hangings. Sophie Cuvelier's gorgeous creations are an obvious favourite along with those by the very talented Famille Summerbelle. However, one of my really special finds comes from Scotland's Papa Stour (a great online shop, definitely worth a visit). I love the simplicity of this hanging made from beech nuts, limpet shells and hemp.

Paper is a wonderful material, so immensely versatile. Every day I discover new ways of transforming it into something completely new. Kate Greiner and Royal Buffet make some of the most beautiful mobiles, garlands and hangings I have ever seen. I love Kate's raindrops, available in several colourways, and Royal Buffet's wordy butterflies, waving colour garland and lady and gentleman mobile. Sheer poetry!

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