Monday 22 March 2010

annasusanna, peter und hanna

Good Morning Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

We had rain, drizzle and more rain...

So, I thought we'd start the week with some colour and vitamins from a brand new online shop

annasusanna, peter und hanna

Many of you will already be familiar with Ieva Jansone's photography and blog, Dinge Die Ich Mag (things that I like). If you aren't, may I suggest that you sit down for five minutes to browse her portfolio and soak up all the beautiful images (I love Garten and her Polaroid album).

I've been following Ieva's blog for a while, intrigued by her Latvian origins, her present life in Germany, her love of vintage toys and her ability to appreciate and enhance the simple things in life.

Her new shop is full of surprises, that I doubt you'll find anywhere else on the web - original postcards, kids' artwork, polaroid stickers, board games and gorgeous wooden toys crafted in Estonia await you here. It's fun, fresh and unique - why don't you push the door and go see for yourself....

All images copyright Ieva Jansone / annasusanna, peter und hanna.


  1. Jolies découvertes !
    Je surveille l'ouverture de ton petit shop, je suis impatiente.
    Bonne semaine ensoleillée j'espère :*)

  2. I really appreciate the colour, it's been a rough monday. Seeing me is like eating vitamins huh? That's geekishly sweet

  3. Bravo à Ieva pour ce très beau nouveau shop et merci à toi de nous faire partager tout cela… Très belle semaine.

  4. Rain can actually be inspiring (^_^)

  5. I love Ieva and her work...such a "real" photog she is.

  6. Le blog de Leva Jansone est très bien fait, merci pour cette découverte!

  7. thank you once more, dear deb, for posting this, i'm honoured :)
    and thank you guys too who commented!


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