Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pastel Patina

Wooden eggcups painted by Noodle and Lou

You might like to take a look at UK company Patchwork Harmony's* vintage section where I came across these pretty pastel finds (these colourful chaps are rather nice too).

Vintage wooden house blocks

Vintage wooden Alphabet tiles

I also love the beautiful work of Pastel Toys, a toy factory based in the Kishorit Kibbutz in Israel.
These toys are handmade by people with special needs and have both a timeless and modern feel to them.

Pastel Toys have an online shop in English, as well as supplying other stores around the world, including The Tribe, in Australia.

*via HomeShoppingSpy


  1. love it! ( je crois qu'on peut aussi les trouver chez ethic garden)

  2. The egg cups are marvelous. Puts me in the mood for a second breakfast! There is something so charming and essential about wooden toys. Soft, warm and organic.

  3. Oi joi! Those wooden eggcups and houses and alphabets!! Lovely!!!! :D

  4. Toujours aussi passionnant de venir voir ton blog, vraiment !

  5. Ca fait plaisir de retrouver ta malle aux trésors! J'adore ces jolis coquetiers.... les maisonnettes aussi, bien sûr!

  6. Love the vintage wooden house blocks!
    They would be perfect in The Vintage Fairy Tales.

  7. Just gorgeous! I really love those wooden houses and blocks!

  8. I love the wooden blocks colours!

  9. i'm enjoying your blog so much, debaroh!!
    how do you find all these treasures?!?
    the pastel toys are just marvelous, and i like the "story behind" - where and how they're manufactured.
    btw - what is this typewriter (on your scroll on the right)? what a candy!!

  10. ooh those houses & tiles are lovely

  11. beautiful beautiful colours - and such deceptively simple shape! less is more! and congratulations on your 500th post! amazing!

  12. Adore the vintage alphabet tiles and the little cottages :o)

  13. Love Pastel Toys and the story behind them. Great post.


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