Thursday 18 March 2010


My blogs broken - trying to sort it out!
Can you all see this post AND the rest of my blog?
As soon as I try to post any images the rest of my blog disappears...


  1. when I looked at your post yesterday, nothing else was here - no sidebar or any other posts. but it all seems to be back now though.

  2. Good luck with sorting things out Deb - it can be very frustrating. I've lost my "3 is a magic number" song and can't get it to play. What do the Buddhists say? Nothing in this world is certain. Looking forward to your return :) K

  3. OMG Deborah, but No Worries I can see everyting from overhere.

  4. I can see everything and I like it :)

  5. I can see everything Deborah, nothing has changed. Sometimes especially in the evening if I try to change font or color etc(only happens in the evening) my blog dissapears, but that is when I am in "customize".
    ~Your blog looks as beautiful as ever.


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