Sunday 28 March 2010

Five Faves #2

Time to play along with Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.
Here are my five favourite things this week:

1) Favourite present: not one, not two but three old French wrought iron beds for naps under the olive trees in our garden this summer. A present to celebrate our 19 year wedding anniversary... déjà

2) Favourite photography: Déclic Polonais - 10 beautiful postcards featuring photography by Isabelle and Françoise in Poland.

3) Favourite object: Measure Me Stick via Handmade Charlotte

4) Favourite blog: Estaminet Coquet

5) Favourite video: A Record of Life by Owen Gatley and Luke Jinks based on the theme of evolution and the diversity of life.

Why don't you join us?


  1. I nearly had the measureme stick as one of my faves as well. Love it!

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary. xx

  2. Joli billet et bon anniversaire de mariage.
    19 ans c'est déjà beau dans ce monde de consommation.

  3. Happy Anni to you & yours & holy cow, 3 beds.....would love to see a snip of them.

  4. 3 wrought iron beds for lolling about under the olive trees? How utterly romantic! Does your husband give lessons?

  5. merci Deb ...happy anniversary !! (p.s nous restons au moins 3 ans en Pologne donc tu viens quand tu veux ...)

  6. Happy anniversary! what a beaut of a photo, you look gorgeous! is your husband a cow boy? it's the bootlace tie!

  7. Ha! I was waiting for that remark! No Lisa, Dominique is an engineer. It's a long story, but he'd just spent a month away in mexico at the time, hence the "look".

  8. Love the measure stick - and happy anniversary too. Have you really been married 19 years? That's very impressive :D

  9. oh, this is you?! finally i can see you ;)


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