Monday 8 March 2010

Let's play - Afrigadget

SUV, Made in Uganda

Old cooking oil container, wheels made from old slippers or sandles, spokes from an old bicycle for the axles and banana stalk to pull the vehicle.

School children in Sudan playing a game similar to cricket. The game consists in throwing a small rubber ball at another person who tries to kick it. If they are successful they run between two pre-determined locations, stacking rocks/stones/bricks at each point, until the other team can return the ball to try and hit them with it.
(Photo and game description by Taylor Martin, a photographer and missionary in Southern Sudan)

Football Made in Africa from a condom
Watch it, only 1.35 min long - Those smiles are worth their weight in gold...

Matière à réflexion ... AfriGadget - solving everyday problems with African ingenuity - is a wonderful site - take a look for yourself!

Found via It's Nice That


  1. Wow, they have imagination! Like we used to have, but do children have it today? Too much computers and TV, I think.

    Have a nice women's day!

  2. Brilliant football. Shows that wonderful things can be made with the simplest of bits and pieces.

  3. It made my day seeing those happy is truly amazing what you can make with a little imagination.

  4. Gorgeous post, the video is special. and how alot can be made from a little. and I'm also a bit in love with that bottle car.

  5. True vision and determination. I remember seeing a Yo Yo Ma film where people made musical instruments out of similar bits and pieces.
    Also inspired by your Paper and Print post.

  6. The best are self invented toys :)
    I have a weakness for these toys
    my car and deer

  7. incredible and thought provoking...thank you for sharing this! the bottle car is so wonderful!

  8. I brought back some tin cars from our african trip. And it was very common to see kids playing footballs with plastic bags all rounded up in a ball...

  9. I love knowing about this...thanks for sharing it.

  10. what a post! thank you so much!
    thin cars - do you know the ones from madagascar? i do not know any online link to them, but i've bought some in a shop called "weltladen", a fair trade shop-chain in germany..
    these toys are just genious and are really thought-provoking, aren't they?


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