Thursday 18 March 2010

Frinton Press - call for submissions!

Do you recognise these patterns by two of my favourite illustrators? If you recall, the top one is by Melissa Castrillon, whose work I showed you here, and the second by Thereza Rowe, my star artist for the big 500. Both lucky artists were picked to design a sheet of wrapping paper for Frinton Press's 2009 Wrapping Paper Project.

I was really disappointed that I missed out on this booklet of 16 limited edition designs, which apparently sold like hot cakes...


James Daw

Rosa Doyle

The Wrapping Paper Project proved a great success and London-based Frinton Press are once again calling for submissions. They intend to launch pre-Christmas in Autumn some time and would like all artwork to be submitted by 30th April. If you're interested in taking part, you'll find the full details on their site here. The finalists will also have the opportunity of selling some of their other artworks, so thinking caps on, pens to the ready, et un, deux, trois, partez!


  1. Sounds great I'll check it out! thanks...again!

  2. That looks fun! Might get Nelly to draw never know!

  3. Thank you for lovely words!
    Beautiful papers indeed, and your shop, when it will be open? I'm very curious;)

  4. oh c'est joli (pas très originale)... Bonne journée et.... Très beaux poèmes aussi, impressionnée!

  5. Merci Deborah - great! I think I might enter. Love the little cherub face you've got on today - reminds me of my daughter but I called her my marshmallow baby !

  6. So beautiful! and what a great contest. Would love to enter. Is that every year? I love the chickens.

  7. thanks for sharing! especially luv Melissa Castrillon's work :)

  8. I love the sound of this, thanks for the tip off! Always enjoy a jaunt through your blog.

  9. Hi K&C,

    Just to let you know that the second box is in the process of being made - images and interviews with the artists are being uploaded to our blog daily.

    Hope you like this year's as much, if not more than last years!

    Frinton Press x


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