Monday 15 March 2010

A Man's Touch

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to fly with me to Brooklyn to discover the beautiful work of French artist Lambert.

I have fallen in love with these one-of-a-kind handsewn and handembroidered pieces made from modern linen and vintage Japanese fabric. Lambert's traditional Japanese Koi would look beautiful in a child's bedroom, or any room in fact, appealing to those who are drawn to Primitive American art and handmade objects with a soul. His contemporary heirlooms come complete with frays, asymmetry and signs of wear, like a vintage toy, and are designed with a "simplicity, intimacy and the suggestion of a natural process" in mind.

Lambert also has great taste. Whilst browsing his interesting blog I came across the artwork of Icelandic/American duo
Jónsi & Alex. The two men have been making music together since 2003. They started creating visual art for their beautiful limited edition hardboard book ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ in 2006.

Riceboy Sleeps

Much of their artwork for their album covers and videos features children

Rain Down My Favourite Songs cover

All Animals EP cover

as does their pencil, charcoal and watercolour drawings

I love Jónsi & Alex's use of old window frames to display their art

and their colouring book is unusual, poetic and beautiful, do browse it online.

The duo organised a colouring competition for children recently based on the drawings in their book. Although I appreciate the simplicity of these black and white sketches, I have to admit that I find the children's interpretations of Jónsi & Alex's work quite stunning and at times moving.


Maisie Jay-Pitcher


Jónsi & Alex have created a colouring competition gallery here, so I hope you'll have a look, enjoy and be inspired!


  1. really interesting finds - lambert's work looks enchanting and we only knew of jonsi from his solo music and his stuff with sigur ros - had no idea he was an artist too.

  2. Lamberts work is very beautiful. Lovely post.

  3. That hand embroidery is amazing...a true work of art....
    thanks for sharing this with us..I am inspired by all of the embroidery I've seen in blogville this morning...and I'm itching to create now!


  4. A big thanks to you Deborah for this post. Being featured on your blog feels like being in exquisite company.
    Can I say that I love the title? Very clever :)

  5. Wow! Really wonderful art to just soak always...xoxox.

  6. Yes - I wondered what that title was doing on YOUR blog ;-) Gorgeous work and I ADORE the Riceboy book...MIght have to pop over to look that one up. Thanks Deb for the great post

  7. I'm totally with you on loving Lamberts work, it's utterly stunning. Love to the way he adds wear and wonk.

  8. thanks for the post! Lambert's animals are awesome!

  9. Oooooh loved this post esp. the work of Jonsi & Alex xo

  10. Those water colours are just amazing! Lambert's work looks great too thanks for the link!

  11. Lambert's stitchwork is most lovely. He has a way with combining pattern and color and it makes the work look fun.

  12. Love both of these artists - just exquisite! K

  13. what a wonderful finding. especially love the "Riceboy Sleeps". thanks for that inspiration. MiMa

  14. Voilà plusieurs jours que je n'étais pas passé par chez toi… Il y a là encore tant de jolies choses ! Tu m'épates. Tu sais toujours me faire rêver et m'émerveiller avec toutes tes découvertes… Bravo !

  15. Oh, love that Riceboy Sleeps!

  16. the fishy bags but also so much the old windows with the beautiful art work.

  17. wow! im intrigued to find out more about this fellow. love the first two pics. thanks so much again for sharing such treasures with us all : )

  18. Beautiful work, inspiring as always.


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