Monday 12 July 2010

Five Faves #17

Vintage Soviet Mechanical Clock

Good Morning!
Did you enjoy your weekend? I hope so.
I'm in holiday mode this week so I won't be posting as much.
We've a few nice daytrips planned, starting with Avignon today, so I'll pop in when I can.
Enjoy your day mes amis!

1) Favourite Art Object - The Ohook

2) Favourite Handmade Toy - Solitaire pas Solitaire by Lili Scratchy

3) Favourite Handmade Shoes - LaLa

4) Favourite Outdoor Installation - Ann Wood's Tiny Theatre

5) Favourite Piece of Jewellry - the "Rimbombante" Ring

See you later with my Colour My Monday post !


  1. Such lovely items!
    Especially the clock has caught my fancy...
    very nice!

    & have a lovely week!
    pilli pilli

  2. Wow those shoes are great!
    Enjoy your daytrips :)

  3. my faves would say, "favorite blog: Kickcan and Conkers"

  4. Oh I love Avignon, I used to live in Vaison La Romaine...fond memories.. the ohooks are cheerful like them a lot. Enjoy your week, hope it's as sunny as it is here in Denmark..
    All the best Amy (another Yorkshire lass!)

  5. Ho! Quelle bonne surprise!!

  6. thank you for these colorfull founds!
    et bonnes vacances...

  7. j'adore le solitaire de lili scratchy ! ( et pas de pb pour une photo pour votre tumblr !) bonne soirée ...


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