Sunday 11 July 2010

You Can Start Collecting...

You know, I nearly didn't post these three framed vintage woven textile pieces because I wouldn't mind them myself. They'd look lovely in our grey and white home, when we've finished renovating. Then, I thought no Deborah, don't be selfish, you really don't need anymore artwork, not yet anyway. Wait a while, let someone else enjoy them. So here they are, waiting to be spotted by another neutral-loving, vintage textile fan.

I wouldn't mind this vintage canvas US mail bag either. It'd be perfect for Dylan's laundry.

I also like this antique black metal clipboard

and this bright yellow luxo task lamp

Yes, I can honestly say that I like just about everything from this shop

I like the industrial look

so I'm so pleased I found

How about you?

P.S. It's my birthday in a month's time, so if you'd like to have a whip-round, I wouldn't say no to those three framed grey and white pictures after all...!


  1. That Etsy shop is great, I have a crush on those crazy and colorful pillow covers but my birthday is not anytime soon ... :(

  2. oh Deborah...I'm in the UK right now...send me your mailing address, I have a little something for you for your B-day I think you'll like :-)
    It's my Niece's Birthday AND my Sister's Birthday this month!!!
    P.S. As always you show us SUCH eye candy...thanks for sharing.

  3. Tu as donc fini par trouver les molécules ;-)

  4. Those scottie pins are adorable!

  5. Ribambins, - oui, c'est vrai, mais aussi Hazel a eu la gentillesse de m'envoyer une boite qu'elle avait chez elle :)
    Hazel - only kidding!!!
    Bekah - yes, I like them too.
    Laurent -donc, c'est quand ton annif, où c'est un secret ?


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