Wednesday 21 July 2010

Swooning for Spoons

Photo by Alexandre Bailhache for House & Gardens

I have long admired the imaginative work of Portuguese artist/designerJosé Estevès, and like many, I would love to see one of his brocante chandeliers hanging in my kitchen.

His latest limited-edition creations, designed for Côté Sud's 2oth anniversary, are equally as beautiful.

Simple crosses made from old spoons

Sheer poetry!

Images - Côté Sud, Henri del Olmo, Bernard Touillon et Frédéric Vasseur


  1. ses pendentifs " cuillères" ...J'en veux !!

  2. My jaw dropped when I saw that chandelier...yes MUST have!

    I have seen rings and braclets made from spoons and forks...but I think these ideas are just even more brilliant.

  3. Chandeliers incroyables ... pendentifs incroyables ...

  4. The limited edition crosses are priced at 100 EUR, the only other info given in the magazine was his telephone number.

  5. Fabulous work! I know how he does that now that I'm doing this silversmithing course... you're giving me ideas, Deb! :) Kx

  6. Lovely spoons! Have you seen Finnish Jaana Tuomisto's spoon-jewellery etc?

  7. Thanks for the beautiful link Thilda, I love it!


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