Sunday 11 July 2010

Jenny's Toys

I included Israeli artist Jenny Meilihove's work in one of my Five Faves some time ago after falling in love with her tiny matchbox creations, remember?
Well, Jenny has been experimenting in other areas and has just opened another etsy shop selling her one-of-a-kind handmade toys. Aren't they beautiful? She also sells small prints of her work for $5, so if you can't afford the real thing, why not start collecting her photos? I'm sure they'd look gorgeous grouped together in a nursery.


  1. So so cute!

    Also, it was YOUR blog that I discovered Pacha designs through! I was wracking my mind to try and remember -- I had meant to make a note, but could not recall whose blog I had seen their company on -- I have added a link to your lovely blog now...

    Thank you so much for stopping by -- I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Hi! I've just seen your blog after your comment in Babyccino (Barcelona getaway). Your blog is impressive, so many beautiful things!

  3. So sweet. You could tell many stories out of these!


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