Monday 26 July 2010

Zamo for Painters, Poets and Rockgods


Collaging age old stories into wearable artworks for the youth of today

Brand new Australian design label Zamo is set to take the children's market by storm if these pictures taken to promote their first collection are anything to go by. The Melbourne-based company will be launching their unique Kazakh Mongolia Autumn / Winter 2011 range at the Australian trade event Kids in Style in August.

Each ZAMO collection will be based in a different region and will incorporate embellishments, fabrics and textile patterns from each place to imbue it with ethno-authenticity and create real opportunities for fair trade. ZAMO's inaugural collection was made and designed in Melbourne and adorned with exquisite embroidery produced in fair trade partnership with the Kazah people.

My eyes are peeled! I am intrigued, excited and dying to see more!

ZAMO will also be offering a full range of durable, soft, felted, hand-stitched shoes and toys, some of which are already available for purchase here.

For further details and sneak peeks, visit ZAMO's blog and facebook page.



  1. Loving the striking colors and fun design.

  2. One of the most beautiful posts I've seen here, thank you Deb for another great find:)

  3. This is GORGEOUS and I want that dress! Mongolia as you know is dear to my heart as my eldest is from there. Where can I purchase this?


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