Sunday 25 July 2010

Five Faves #19

City Blocks by Elisabeth Masters
Porcelain, constructed, painted with coloured slip
Photograph - Juliet Morris

How was your weekend?
Hot, hot, hot here still.
We've been enjoying the pool, garden and Montpellier.
I've also decided to have a major clearout so cupboards are being cleaned and boxes are piling up ready to go to charity.

Ready for my Five Faves? Off we go!

1) Favourite Wedding Preparations - Artemis & Nao - Tales of a Junkaholic
(I'm well and truly hooked!)

2) Favourite Stamp with Attitude - Sandra's New Punk Rocker

3) Favourite Rain & Rainbow - Natascha Rosenberg

4) Favourite Children's Stamps, Stickers and Stationery - Pepillo*

5) Favourite Handmade Party Games - Sur Un Fil (use Google translate , this is a lovely blog)

* via


  1. the finger stamp is so funny and completely all right (even though I do not like the gesture)

  2. I'm a fan of Artemis's blog too, its lovely.

  3. Hi Deborah :)
    A little while ago I received 'one lovely blog award' and I really want to pass it trough to your great blog!
    I'm enjoying your blog so much, it's gives me lot's of inspiration and beauty ( I'm a big fan of your Tumblr as well!) I love the images you choose and I share the love you have for vintage childrens books(especially the old russian ones), art and all other beauty!
    You can see and read more about the award on my blog:
    Maybe you like to pass this award trough to other blogs you like?

    Best wishes

  4. I'm a big fan of Pepillo too!!
    Love the idea with the wedding ring.

  5. Love those handmade party ideas! Off to check out that blog now.

  6. wow! I love that I never stopped getting wonderful surprises when I visit you blog!

  7. Thank you very much! i'm glad you like it!


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