Tuesday 20 July 2010

Terracotta Blue

I can't say I'm a huge fan of creepy crawlies but since we moved out into the French countryside we are all very much aware of their presence, along that of our friendly toad, family of jays and couple of squirrels, to name but a few. The cicadas are busy here too. What a noise! Miles has started collecting their transluscent shells, abandoned on trees, grass and the ground. I think we have an entomologist in the making!

Terracotta Blue's bejewelled beetle pillow/soft sculptures caught my eye the other day. I love the colours on these two little fellows. Laura also makes some gorgeous white dragonfly, moth and butterfly ornaments, if you prefer to keep things neutral. I like her delicate urchin brooch.


  1. Bugs seem to be an enduring theme for boys - I remember my brothers being avid insect collectors when they were little, and a couple of bug textile designs I have done have been very popular, not so much with Mums though! These examples are lovely.

  2. Wow! Her insects are wonderful. I really like the butterfly.

  3. i love that link, they are great! I have a fellow here who's very interested in creepy crawlies, (unfortunately ;-)

  4. très beaux scarabées... les tissus qui les composent sont sublimes!


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