Thursday 8 July 2010

Piecing the Puzzle Together

Mapa Casa - Mapa Toys

Elephant Puzzle - Made By Joel
Available here

Small Hug and Animals of Finland
The Secrets of Central Finland - Company

Beautiful Wooden Puzzles
For Play and Display


  1. These are real stylish and cool puzzles. Sadly I have the logic of a slug! and things like this kill me; unlike my partner who reads his 'Mensa' puzzle book between rewiring houses/plumbing/renovating and generally Doing it all!

  2. Oh that small hug is gorgeous! like little barba papa's!

  3. J' aime beaucoup ce puzzle et le travaille de Joel c'est magnifique :- )

  4. wow- they are so cool - really love how they all slot together, and wood is so nice to touch! Hope you have a fabulous weekend Deb! hugs, K. xo

  5. Julie (the accidental frock)

    I think I love everything made by Joel. He is quite amazing. That small hug is pretty special too. Well, clearly they are all special.

    sorry julie, having probs with comments at mo. Blogger's "playing up".

  6. I love wooden puzzles and I love these ones you've shared. Especially that huggy one, but also the animals and elephants. xo


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