Wednesday 4 May 2011

Help! It's a C, C, C, Casaurus!

I challenge thee to find a kid who doesn't like dinosaurs! Well, I'm joking, obviously, I bet quite few don't, or grow out of the dino phase very quickly (my sister was surprised to learn in the orphanage where she was working in Uganda thay nobody had any idea what these strange animals were...).

My eldest son Dylan was mad about dinosaurs for years, and would have absolutely adored design student Koichiro Hoshino's Casaurus, a dinosaur-themed bookshelf / playground, designed for his senior thesis at Tokyo University of Arts

 I really love this book tree, but I have to admit that a dinosaur bookcase that you can actually climb on, slide down and play inside with all your friends, well, wow, that looks FUN and sure must take some beating!

Found via here & here.


  1. My son would have loved something like this. He is a bit old now, but still likes dinosaurs.
    Love to hear that your sister worked at an orphanage in Uganda. I lived in Kenya for a few years and visited Uganda twice. A great country!

  2. I think this is an awesome design even not know what a dinosaur is. It would be so cool in a kiddo's room!

  3. I think my daughter is a bit young for it but I would love it! (As would my husband) Does he do them to order?!

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