Sunday 1 May 2011

Five Faves #52

I have to say that we're really enjoying our Easter break. We're taking everything slowly - long lie-ins, breakfast in bed, late lunches, late everything - it's so good to unwind, and we still have one more week left...

My Five Faves this week:

 1) Favourite Vintage Find - Tug Boat Models, Ethanollie*

2) Favourite Postcard - Chie Miyazaki, Textextext**

4)  Favourite New Blog- Nadia Tan's Little Projectiles

** Andrea Tachezy


  1. So glad you are enjoying your Easter break.I t is so nice to take things slow sometimes isn't it?! I love the brooch and Papier Mache is just always so gorgeous! Happy weekend to you! Stephie x

    PS Loved Dylan's poster and can't wait to see the redecorating - have fun! S

  2. The boat rocker is terrific!

  3. Thanks always Deb..happy Sunday xx
    love papier mache

  4. Thank you again Deborah, this time for showing my brooch, enjoy the rest of the weekend, the kids and I have just chilled out in the park for a couple of hours ...lovely.

  5. how i relish your picks .. such a charming group~


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