Monday 16 May 2011

Trains and Boats and Planes #2

Treintafel by Tomm Veltius

Kirsty Elson Designs

Wise Apple

I love this theme

Time to think about the Summer hols
To dream and plan

A nice excuse to look for something for your little boys
Or their dads

Where will you be going this year?
Do tell!

Hey! Talking of little fellas, I don't know if you've heard, but the Australian online children's magazine papier mache is looking for a six year old boy for an editorial photo shoot in Trouville France (28th or 29th of May). Please email: if you know someone. Thanks!

Psst! En parlant de petits garçons, le magazine en ligne pour enfants australien papier mache recherche un garçon de 6 ans pour une séance de photos à Trouville, le 28 ou le 29 mai. Si vous connaissez quelqu'un, veuillez contacter Melanie à Merci !


  1. Comme c´est beau, le travail de Kirsty Elson Designs!

  2. toujours beaucoup de belles choses ici!
    bonne soirée

  3. Oh that first train desk is fantastic!

  4. Lovely! It doesn't matter how "big" they get, boys always like planes, trains and boats I think! My dad would love that plane! Happy new week, Stephie x

  5. Debbie you have me dreaming again...beautiful.

  6. Love the "traveling" theme! my heart goes to the
    boats by Kirsty Elson- beautiful!!!


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