Sunday 8 May 2011

Rock Pooling

Happy Mother's Day
To all you wonderful mothers around the world
I hope you get plenty of hugs
You deserve them!

Her screenprints capture special family moments
A piggy-back from mum, a kiss from gran, the bien-être of pregnancy

Her latest nine-coloured piece entitled Rock Pooling was inspired by a family trip to the sea and shows her three children, Lil, Sonny and Sky rock pooling on Runswick Bay.

The details are beautiful, I think.

What are your plans for today, anything nice?
Our kids go back to school tomorrow, so we'll be checking homework, tidying up and getting organised for the busy week ahead ( I think we'll time for a barbecue too...).



  1. those are really beautiful!!!
    Have a happy Sunday!!!

  2. I love Lisa's work and being a novice screen printer am in total awe of her 9 coloured print!

  3. Beautiful! Enjoy the weekend...:-)

  4. Big Thanks Deborah for your kind words, have a great day and BBQ!:)x

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Lisa's work. This one hits the spot for me as it reminds me of rockpooling with my brother and sister!

  6. these are absolutely stunning. Love the textures, choice of colours and the spirit of them xo

  7. I am a great fan of Lisa's work too. I have one of her prints in my home. They are so cheerful. I really love the rock Pooling one. Lisa made me a very special and perfect christening gift for my godson. She is a very talented and lovely lady!


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