Thursday 5 May 2011

Today #3

We've been in the Cévennes region today

Where time stands still

Or maybe not

We took my father in law to see the house he grew up in

And I had forgotten how much I love stone houses in the mountains.

(my apologies for the photos, I really need to buy a new camera!)


  1. Lovely! I love when you share little bits of your life there.

  2. Ces photos sont très belles, justement parce que...
    Et la voiture..! exactement la même que celle de mon père il y a bien des années deja où une ribambelle des frères, soeur et coussins se tassent en imaginant aller au bout du monde..
    Merci pour le partage!

  3. I have always liked your photos just like they are (photographed in an old camera)and there is
    spirited softness. All it creates very cozy atmosphere. I do not rush into buying a new camera:).
    The stone houses are really very beautiful, I agree. Beautiful houses are in France! I love them!
    Thank you for sharing your life.

  4. Beautifully pictured! Unspoilt, poor, pure and tough Cévennes...


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