Thursday 19 May 2011

Da Studio

If you are in need of inspiration, a pick me up, a short break or a reason to smile
Sit down for ten minutes and watch some of these short animations from
Da Studio.

Set up in 2008,  Da Studio is an animation project involving, artists, animators, psychologists and teachers, all dedicated to helping children in difficult situations. Animation is used as art therapy, bringing  together and benefiting children undergoing long-term treatment in hospitals or in hospices, mentally or physically handicapped children and orphans. As you can see from the site (switch on a translation tool), the children are included in the creative process, coming up with scenarios, drawing characters, animating and recording sound. 

A joy to see. It made my day, anyway.


  1. thank you Deb,
    so gorgeous, and what a wonderful project xo

  2. thanks for the wonderful discoveries!

  3. Thanks for the link, great find!

  4. So nice!! I love animations, my girls had a animation workshop this sunday, have not seen the result yet and look forward what they made ;-)

  5. I was so excited to see this. I found another wonderful Russian blog through you. The one where they made costumes out of what looks like red wine gift bags. Having in lived in Russia when I was younger it is so inspiring to be able to tune in to what is happening there now. And I wouldn't know if it weren't for you. Thanks for sharing! Totally lifts my heart.


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