Sunday 19 June 2011

Five Faves #54

Floral Bunny Costume - Vintage Child Modern*

Freshly-squeezed orange juice, organic croissants and a bowl of strong French coffee...
Breakfast in bed for Papa this morning,

Happy Father's Day!

We're heading for the beach today but before we go,
voici my Five Faves for kids and the young at heart.

1) Favourite Bunnies - Krys Kirkpatrick

2) Favourite Little Boy - Little Tommy, DreamsKingdom**

3) Favourite Stop Motion Short - Sox the Fox, BlaBla Kids

4) Favourite Children's Book - Erik and Nipper Investigate, Lajka Books***

5) Favourite  Online Children's Shop - Mié (ito)

*- pinterest
**- pinterest

Bonne Dimanche!


  1. I love everything

    * handmade unique plushies

  2. Moi aussi!:))) Lovely things!:)

  3. Deborah, thank-you so much for showing my bunny pillow. It was fun to create...and all was tea-stained, even the pom-poms.

  4. What a great collection...I can't resist th boy from "Sox the Fox, BlaBla Kids" so so adorable,
    and another wonderful on line shop for kids, and stripes!...:-

  5. This is one of my favorite posts! Debbie this is fantastic, so much beauty!

  6. I love the rabbits - well they are pink! - and the little boy! So so cute, great finds, Stephie x

  7. Incroyable ce petit garçon! J'adore Little Tommy!

  8. Thank You Deborah!
    And what a great blog!

  9. Love the soft animals and the stripe outfit.


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