Sunday 26 June 2011

Five Faves #55

Hot Air Balloon - Minted Condition*

I'm sorry, it's been a little quieter round here this week, I'm busy.

 I'm taking Savannah and Miles to England on Wednesday to spend some time with my family - I really can't wait! I haven't been "home" for a year, and I'm ready for a break.
It also happens to be my 2nd blog birthday on the 29th, so watch out for my vintage giveaway!

Gosh, 55 Five Faves, shall we?

1) Favourite Browse - The Collector**


2) Favourite Pretty Details - Damselfly***

3) Favourite Hippos - Toprojekt****

4) Favourite Vintage Find - Eames' Kite Designs / Wary Meyers*****

5) Favourite Stripes - Drawings by Numbers

 Oh and as it's Summer and K&C is almost two years' old...

6) Favourite Art Display - Liat Yaniv's corner in a hairdresser's

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

** ? pinterest?
***** pinterest


  1. Dear Deb,
    congratulations * 2: for going back home (a year it's a long time... you must be so existed now) and off course to your happy two year blogging (only second year???!!!!) wow!

    And beside as always- love your beautiful post and findings -Eames' Kite Designs, the Stripes and Liat Yaniv corner...

  2. Oh welcome back home! hope this mediterranean weather keeps up for you, have a lovely break v x

  3. Have a great time!
    Thank you for the polish hippo! Super!

  4. Thank you :). Greetings from Warsaw.

  5. oh! you're so cute! thank you so much :) your blog is also an inspiring place for me!

  6. love the hot air balloon! have a great trip home and hope the heat eases up for you. i could swap at the moment, it's freezing here! sandra x


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