Wednesday 1 June 2011

Inspiration: Jonathan Queen

Outsmarted, 18" X 24" 2009 

Jonathan Queen

First View of Florence, 24" x 30" 2007 

 If vintage toys set your heart a-racing, as they do mine, I'm pretty certain you will love the work of Jonathan Queen.
Queen uses antiques, vintage objects, wooden boxes and photos as props to set the stage in his realistic, narrative oil paintings. Look closely and you will see that in the right setting, toys can become complex characters with a deeper story to tell

"Leaving the World Behind" is one of my favourites, along with "Beeline". I advise you to spend a good five minutes browsing his portfolio, I'm sure you'll find something that will make you smile.
Queen is represented in the States by Miller Gallery and a few of his paintings ( 1 & 3 shown above) are also available as prints here.

Thanks for the tip Andrea / Flannery O' Kafka.
© Jonathan Queen Fine Art


  1. O my, that's just amazing! I had to look close to see it is actually painted!

  2. Oh, thank you! His pictures are adorable! And make me really, really happy!

  3. Gorgeous! Happy Wednesday, Stephie x

  4. Beautiful pictures! :) :)

  5. I love the first photo. It's great!!!

  6. oh, so wonderful! I love them all!
    greetings from germany,

  7. Such an inspiring amazing work, thank you for the post, Deborah.

  8. Glad you all like this work, I would never have found it without Andrea's help :-)

  9. Honestly, a lovely piece of writing! So glad you like the paintings and understand the narrative aspect! (was that blog tipping by the way??) ;)

  10. Beautiful work,I love it, true inspiration...


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