Monday 27 June 2011

School Run #3

The last day before Savannah and Miles break up,
& my last school run post for a while.
It's so hot here,
Too hot to do anything,
Save listen to the cicadas.

First B/W photo by Jean Jacques Moles
His work is on display all over our village at the moment

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  1. hi :) Just discovered your blog & am having a nice time looking around !
    I had to investigate & I know in which village you live in ... I have a lovely memorie of picnicking with a friend of mine in the garden of HD Nick gallery (we had come by bike, had been in the gallery, then they proposed us to stay in their garden for picnicking !) Oh my, that was 15 years ago !! (eek) I used to live in Lunel, and after ten years of moving around France, I'm in Montpellier now. Anyway, just thought I'd say.
    Have a great summer !!


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