Wednesday 22 June 2011

Lovely Pigeon's Circus Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll up! Roll up! 
Come on down to our circus, won't you?
We'll make you smile, we'll make you laugh,

We have lots of friends 
Such a treat for your little ones
On a rainy or hot, sunny day.

You know I can never resist a great circus, especially when it features a bespectacled bear and a cheeky monkey and is made out of paper!

Kirsty Thomas loves handlebar moustaches, monchrome pattern and clever animals, can you tell? Her new circus cards are delightful - perfect for framing and for adding a quirky note to any child's room - and I think her cut & make set would make a fun birthday gift or stocking filler, encouraging plenty of storytelling and imaginative play.

I have only recently discovered Lovely Pigeon and will be bookmarking Kirsty's shop in my faves. Have a look at her Animal postcards and teatowel,if you like her style. I've a feeling there's lots more to come - so watch out, Lovely Pigeon is here to stay.


  1. That is so much fun! I love it. Have to go visit her shop.

  2. My goodness- these are beautiful- I would have loved to make and play with these when I was a little girl...and probably just as much now that I'm a "grown up"!

    Kirsty's work is fab- Hoorah for pigeon!

  3. Fabuleux ! "the strongman" ressemble étonnamment à mon petit bonhomme...

  4. Ca s'appelle un petit cirque élégant!
    Comme j'aime ces créations de papier! Si simples et si jolies...


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