Friday 10 June 2011

Make Me

It's show time folks!
That wonderful moment 
when art graduates from all creative disciplines reveal their work to the world. 
And I, once again, wish I was living in the UK for a while. 

Never mind, thanks to friends and the internet, I have my eye on lots of fresh talent, and will be sharing some names to look out for over the next few weeks.

Catherine Frère-Smith (BA Hons Textile Design 2011) will be showing her Degree work at The Chelsea College of Art & Design from 20-24th July. 
I love Catherine's final project based on childhood memories of living in the country. Her  "Make Me" fabrics can be used for making garments and for cutting up and sewing into either four different types of birds or an old farmhouse.
An interesting idea, beautifully executed, I look forward to seeing more 
(you should have a look at her gorgeous collars too).


  1. I love the little owl! and the rest of it too:)

  2. These are beautiful, I will have to pop along there if I can, looks like it could be interesting.

  3. What are these? Are those embroidered birds? Oh my.. ♡!!


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