Tuesday 4 October 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Part Two

Phew! I've done it, I've taken the plunge! After a good two years and over 2,000  posts I have finally decided to welcome sponsors.

I've been thinking about it for a while but didn't really make my mind up till this Summer. It's an important step, going commercial, especially when I really try to stay off the beaten track, looking for new 'alternative' artists, crafters and makers to share. But then again, I can see that my enthusiastic PR work has started to pay off for some of you...

Over the course of the Summer I received a number of Thank You emails from people whose work I love and frequently write about on my blog. I have been a fan of Jenni's handmade dolls and soft toys from day one and have encouraged her to believe in herself and her talent. If you follow her blog you will know that she recently exhibited at a tradefair and had an overwhelming response with life-changing consequences (she's had to quit her full-time job). She's been unundated with orders and wrote to thank me for pushing her to the fore.

"Deborah Beau is a tireless finder & promoter of unique items & artworks! 
Her discerning eye is so right & helps to generate interest in anyone who is at the receiving end of her handpicked finds for kickcan & conkers. Her daily posts are a constant source of inspiration & enjoyment...a genuine gem of a gal!"  Jenni Harley

Similarly, Marlen Karema, from Estonia, who approached me about her textile work in 2010 and has been featured many times on the K&C blog, pinterest and Tumblr and is now a friend, wrote to tell me that her beautiful clothes have made their way into the Chellis Wilson shop! 

And then there's lovely Yumiko:

"We tried to describe Kickcan and Conkers in 3 words but quickly gave up with so many superlatives running through our mind. It was Deborah who introduced us to our super talented, Paris based illustrator Yumiko Froehlich. Thank you Deborah for the link to our new friend and for all the scoops from the creative industries.

Keep up the fantastic work!

 Best from Ola & Olek team."

I could go on and on, but I won't; I'd rather be writing about your skills than mine...
I just wanted to explain why I had decided to invite people to sponsor my blog.

Kickcan and Conkers is relatively new and doesn't boast the highest statistics on the web BUT I think all the right people are reading it. I look around and am amazed at how news gets round, how things spread and gain in popularity...suddenly products that I found and wrote about are everywhere, and that genuinely makes me happy...

"Sending out a MASSIVE thank you to Deborah Beau as I have now found my work on nearly a hundred blogs- I honestly believe without this amazing creative mind so many people would not have seen my work" - Jennifer Collier
 Right, that's enough trumpet-blowing for today! 
 I hereby declare the Kickcan & Conkers blog open to sponsors, big and small. 
I love blogging, work hard every day and am commited to making K&C grow.
Let's work together and get your name out there!
 I'm waiting for your email!


  1. well done, deborah! your work is wonderful x lynn-anne

  2. okay, I need to put my tuppence in! You certainly gave me my first blogging 'break' and through you and your amazing 'finding amazing things' skills, I have the beginnings of a lovely network of inspiring people to work with! Someday, when I make money from what I do (we all live in hope)...I will perhaps do some sponsoring! Anyway, Thank You, Deborah, for your dedication and your kindness. (and here's hopin' you get paid well for all of your hard work!)

  3. Good work Deb, think it only ads to your lovely blog

  4. J'adore le travail de Jennifer Collier, ce qu'elle fait est exceptionnel, d'une délicatesse incroyable. Merci de mettre tous ces incroyables créateurs à l'honneur. Et vos sponsors sont de qualité, il n'y a pas à en rougir !

  5. 'Goed van je' Deborah! Great ch ch ch change! Going commercial is an unavoidable result of your hard work. I feel with you, it's a huge step. But I totally trust on the spin you give it! Good luck!!! Your sponsor must be proud to be 'one of yours'! -x- Rozalinde

  6. Bon vent aux nouvelles aventures!


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