Saturday 23 March 2013

Just Because

It's always a question of balance.

We've had a hectic, demanding week and I'm in need of a rest. 
Luckily the kids are away ski-ing this weekend so I am enjoying some peace and quiet in my own company at home. Qu'est-ce que ça fait du bien !

A break, to recharge my batteries. You just know when you've pushed things too far.

I love the styling and products in this new-to-me shop

Still loving etsy you see!



  1. I hope you're feeling better soon Deb. It's so good to have alone time to recharge. Do you meditate? I find it fabulous.
    Beautiful finds btw! That glass pear is especially yummy :) Kx

  2. The green laboratory is the best way to recover and recharge. Outside and inside. Iris


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