Sunday 17 March 2013

Send In The Clowns

  I really don't like to moan about the weather, 
I mean I do live in the South of France vous savez
But il pleut des cordes ici, you know, Oui it's raining cats and dogs here today.
Alors a little something to cheer us all up on a wet and windy Sunday.

Bonne Dimanche !
 Thanks for the inspiration:

Clown photography/styling - Paulina Kania / Anastasia Borowka 


  1. Thank you for including my triangle jacket!

  2. Superbe post qui nous apporte les couleurs disparues aujourd'hui du paysage! Il pleut des chats et des chiens oui!!! ;o)

  3. Love the clowns, they've certainly bought a smile to me face :)

  4. I Love the lady's jacket. Where could I find one like that?


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