Tuesday 12 March 2013

Sponsor Meet&Greet: La Belette Rose

Cécile Valletoux's creative portfolio is rich and varied, reflecting her travels and ever-changing life in France, Italy and the UK working as a copywriter, an interior designer and a graphic designer. Based just outside Paris now, she likes to draw, write, make and knit. She also loves faces, little ones' faces and provides an innovative personalized portrait service for the modern family.


 I think most of us have thought about or would like to have a special portrait of our children hanging on a wall at home. A canvas in each child's room perhaps or a group piece  to display proudly in the main living space? I can't say I am a great fan of classic children's portraits but if I had the chance to choose one of my own favourite photos of Dylan, Savannah and Miles as well as having a say in the choice of colour, format  (postcards, posters or a combo), I'd definitely be more interested.

  La Belette Rose will also create beautiful, eye-catching birth announcement cards based on your personal photos. Once completed, Cécile is quite happy to send her work as a downloadable PDF file, thus allowing the new parents to choose their own stationery.

All in all, I think Cécile offers parents and friends a fresh, flexible and very personalized portrait service, be it for her LittlePORTRAITS or her Birth Announcement Cards. You'll find all the pricing information you need on her bilingual website, and can also follow her on pinterest, twitter and facebook.

Now to decide which photo to use...

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