Monday 28 February 2011

Coffee Time

Oh, what's up?
You look so sad.
Got the Monday morning blues?
Pour yourself a coffee 
Have some breakfast
I want to see that smile

That's better.

Happy Monday!

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  1. am smiling brightly
    can you catch the glare?
    love a boats hull


  2. Ha thank you for this. It was like you were speaking to me personally! I ran out of the house this morning without breakie so I could be at work early (whole heap of crap happening at work), and 2 buses just sailed past me. I was so angry I just stood there and cried! Just sat at my desk and read this whilst eating my muesli & having a coffee.... yes I do feel a bit better! (although 20mins late!)xx

  3. Your lovely blog (and a strong cup of coffee) put a smile on my face this morning.


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