Monday 7 February 2011

Five Faves #44

Hi there!
Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.
We've been busy working on our house, still got lots and lots of painting to do...
Would you like to see my Five Faves?
Ok then, off we go...

1) Favourite Work in Progress - Stokman screenprints by P.

2) Favourite Fun Find - Chica Paisley Tote by Lana Pelana

3) Favourite Handmade Toy - Marlen's Little Houses
(You must go and have a look!)

4) Favourite New Blog - Road Trip In Finland
(This post is wonderful!)

5) Favourite Photography - This post on Léon Gimplel
(Again, you really must go and have a look for yourself)

See you all soon!


  1. oh! ces petites maisons sont adorables. J'ai envie de jouer avec!

  2. hi deborah,
    nice that you stopped by. i like it here! sounds interesting your house project, good luck.. and happy week i hope!

  3. Another fantastic selection Deb. They're all wonderful :) Kx

  4. Oh Deborah! I was all set to go and do some work and NOT get distracted and now you've gone and pointed me in the direction of Road Trip in Finland and so of course I want to spend ALL DAY looking at it Gah!!!

  5. Hola! Je viens de découvrir ce post! Merci beaucoup de montrer mon sac dans ton joli blog! Ça m'a fait très plaisir!
    Saluts, Marta :D

  6. ahhh these pictures tickled me so much! I love the flying boy

  7. I am in love with Pépète! thank you for showng us all this goodnes :)


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