Friday 18 February 2011

Magic Moments

I love it when I come across inspiring sites like  
Czarodzieiska Projekt

"The Magic Way" (Google translation - named after the street where the couple live/work) is a fledgling art and design collaboration between husband and wife team Grzegorz Cholewiak, a Polish designer, and Lena Hensel, a German artist / sculptor. Their daughter Rosa seems to enjoy taking part too!

Modular, ecological cardboard furniture, designed by Greg, and enjoyed by Rosa, available from their blog / respective sites.

I featured Greg's Alize suitcase design last year if you remember. Lena's work is new to me, however.
I am very intrigued by her creations for the upcoming Drachenland (Land of Dragons) exhibition, opening 25th Feb at BWA Gallery in Sanok, in eastern Poland.

And think some of you will really enjoy browsing her portfolio.

A very happy find, don't you think?
One I will be following
Can't wait to see Lena's exhibition photos!

Don't forget my two giveaways this week - 1) a gorgeous paper cabin garland made by Chris Theiss for Hutch Studio and 2) three Papier Mache Print #1 magazines... not to be missed!


  1. This is very cool...I love the name of the exhibit, too. "dragonland" brings out all sorts of wonderful images.

  2. I just have to tell you that your blog is the very first one I visit every day!! I can't wait to see what wonderful, new things you will be posting about.....your blog is so fun and so interesting!! Thank you for brightening up my day, every day! I am an artist and just am always so inspired and surprised by all the exciting things you share, thank you tons!

  3. always wonderful little things that you "deniche" for us!

    liked your baby pictures too! my hubby was a chubby cheeks as well. couldn't find an ounce of fat on them now!

  4. Fantastic post and great find, art design style Lena seems to have everything in her portfolio. wonderful

  5. very lovely! and those cubes...must have some. i've passed along a gift for you, come by my little world...maggie made cake.


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