Friday 4 February 2011

Los Musgoamigos

Image: Camilla Engman

Thank you Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson for introducing me to Chilean doll maker and textile artist Francisca Robles. I wish I could have seen this exhibition at Manos last year.

Combining traditional Latin American doll making techniques passed down from her grandmother with modern, vibrant recycled fabric remnants, I can imagine Francisca's original but also timeless Los Musgoamigos appealing to young and old alike. 
I think some of you will enjoy browsing her blog, chock-full of wonderful textile creations (just look at this quilt inspired by a child's drawing, for example). I am particularly impressed with these dolls below, made from old newspaper. Amazing what you can make when you put your mind too it, isn't it?


Francisca"s work is available in a couple of shops in Sweden and a number of places in Chile (see list of stockists and prices on her blog). She also has a small big cartel shop so keep your eye out for updates there. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot about this doll maker in 2011.



  1. I saw these via Camilla also. I just love them and I think you are right - we will be hearing a lot about Francisca in 2011.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Stephie x

  2. Merci Déborah pour cette très jolie découverte encore ! Ces poupées sont vraiment jolies si colorées, j'aime beaucoup aussi ! Tout comme toi, je pense que c'est une créatrice dont on entendra parler !

  3. Yes, I´m also thinking about the use of our children's drawings. They are very, very inspiring! Would be a shame not to use them. Thank you for sharing :)


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