Monday 21 February 2011

I'd Rather Be With You

Oh come on! You're not sulking are you?
I know the weekend's over but life's too short to be miserable.
Where's that beautiful smile of yours, cheeky?

Ha! That's better!
Did you have fun then? Do tell...
We shopped, picniked in the park and painted
( I can't wait for this house to be finished...)

You know what, it's good to be back

Happy Monday!

 I'd rather be with you by Joshua Radin - watch it, it'll make your day, promise!


  1. I am blown away by the couple art dolls. I'm tempted!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing dear Deb!
    Have a nice week.

  2. That first photo is just so lovely! :D

  3. The animation is wonderful cheered me a treat!

  4. oh it's so nice....thank you for sharing! Have a happy week!


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