Monday 21 February 2011

Reach For The Sky

Do you remember Daniel Frost's wonderful mobiles and kites? Unforgettable, really. Daniel has a very distinctive style and oodles of imagination. I love his use of colour in particular.  His new drawings, hopefully available as prints and postcards shortly, are such fun, and all the more so when you see them transformed into kites.

It's such a shame, I really would love to attend The Big Kite Show on the Friday 4th of March to see them airborne (SHFT, Blågårdsgade 14 st tv, 2200 København N, Denmark, kick off at 5 till 9pm, for those that can make it).
A high-flyer, our Daniel, I'm sure his creations will be an immense success and bring a smile to all. 
Definitely one of my faves!


  1. Beautiful illustration and wonderful use of color.... I love specially the drawing with the flying hat..:-)

  2. These are lovely. I especially love the pantaloons - cheeky but so so cute! Hope you had a lovely weekend, Stephie x


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