Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Bag Lady

You may already be familiar with Beril Ciçek's  'ull' collection, but I only discovered this young Turkish designer's work yesterday and I love it. Inspired by traditional Icelandic fashion, and the ullarpeysa sweater and saudskinnskor shoes in particular, Beril has created a series of mobile knitted cabinets made from wood and a knitted cover. Fitted with a handle, all of the ull designs are portable, allowing users to transport their "stuff" from space to space. The wooden legs can be screwed on and off and stored in small side pockets when the cabinet is collapsed and used as luggage.

A group of ull cabinets would look fantastic in the right setting, and their size and soft, knitted aspect makes them perfect for nurseries and toddlers' rooms, I think. I love the button details for the clothes cabinet (dressing / undressing) and the rope for shoes (tying /untying).

A fresh, inspiring find- I'll let you know if I find out where to buy one!

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  1. Wow! This is new to me too and totally fabulous!
    Love these pics and the knittery is gorgeous :) Kx

  2. They are very quirky, would be great decor for a baby boutique as well.

  3. oh oh ohhhh. new to me too. thank you for the lovely introduction x

  4. how interesting and beautiful and that sofa made of wood with different legs...this will make my day...thanks

  5. Merci Deborah pour cette belle découverte entre l'artisanat et l'art plastique!
    Quel fabuleux travail.
    La petite fille en moi en a rêvé.

    J'en profite (un peu tard) pour te féliciter des très jolies choses que tu vends dans ta boutique.

  6. how wonderful and truly creative.. oh yes i would love one! thanks for sharing, am going to try track one down..


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